E-PALS ACROSS EUROPE. Etwinning project.

The 2nd and 1st grade students are developing the E-PALS ACROSS EUROPE project with students of the same age from centers in Italy (ICS "Via dei Boschi" di Nerviano), Romania (GRUP SCOLAR STEFANESTI, Ştefăneşti ) And Belgium Athénée Robert Catteau, Bruxelles). There are a total of 306 boys and girls. About the  etwinning project The project focuses on the exchange of e-mails. The students will write about themselves, their interests, their countries, towns, festivals and traditions, education etc.

Aims - To encourage students to express opinions, feelings and personal experiences
using English as a foreign language
- To promote cultural awareness and understanding and to enable students to
explore cultural differences and similarities.
- To enable pupils to see the purpose in their language learning and to make it real.
- To develop their electronic literacy
Work processDecember: Students briefly introduce themselves to their e-pals, wish a Merry Christm…

Gamificamooc. Diario de misión. Nivel 2

Entramos en la segunda semana en #gamificamooc.
En esta ocasión, presento una nube de palabras, creada con Tagul, con posibles dinámicas para utilizar en la experiencia de aprendizaje.