domingo, 19 de febrero de 2017

E-PALS ACROSS EUROPE. Etwinning project.

The 2nd and 1st grade students are developing the E-PALS ACROSS EUROPE project with students of the same age from centers in Italy (ICS "Via dei Boschi" di Nerviano), Romania (GRUP SCOLAR STEFANESTI, Ştefăneşti ) And Belgium Athénée Robert Catteau, Bruxelles). There are a total of 306 boys and girls.

About the  etwinning project

The project focuses on the exchange of e-mails. The students will write about themselves, their interests, their countries, towns, festivals and traditions, education etc.

- To encourage students to express opinions, feelings and personal experiences
using English as a foreign language
- To promote cultural awareness and understanding and to enable students to
explore cultural differences and similarities.
- To enable pupils to see the purpose in their language learning and to make it real.
- To develop their electronic literacy

Work process

December: Students briefly introduce themselves to their e-pals, wish a Merry Christmas and talk about some Christmas traditions in their countries

January-February: students prepare a presentation of their schools through pdf files / Power Point / pictures

March: students write about their hometowns (location, facilities, surroundings…) including photos in their presentations

April: students exchange Easter cards and talk about their Easter traditions.

May: students talk to each other about their plans for the summer holidays via Skype

Expected results

Students are expected to improve their English and ICT knowledge using the foreign language in real situations.
They will learn something about their e-pals and the traditions in their countries and eventually keep in touch with them.

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